Holidays Giving Tree

The Friends of the Field Memorial Library announce that their annual Holiday/Christmas Giving Tree will return this year and be in the library from November 29 through December 18.  The Purpose:  To invite Conway residents to support the efforts of the Hilltown Churches Food Pantry* to provide items to local families who are struggling.  The library is open to receive donations each Monday 3-6; Wednesday 2-7; Saturday 10-2.

The tree can be found in the beautiful, restored, Italian rotunda of the library. It will be decorated with envelopes in which you can leave gift cards, donations, notes of support, etc. for the people who use the food pantry.  In addition, there will be colorful gift bags available in which you can place donated items and/or take to fill and bring back. 

The food pantry is requesting that we especially supply them with:

  • Books for ages 2 to 18.
  • Gifts cards that parents could use for children’s gifts
  • Food items that could help make cookies and sweets for the holidays (these are usually too expensive for people to buy on their own)
  • Basic toiletries but with a seasonal “flavor” and maybe a bit special.

The food pantry distributes items every other Tuesday to approximately 600 people from the eleven Hilltowns*.  So, we will try to get every two-week donations to them in time to distribute during these pre-holiday weeks.

Please – Be generous.  Instead of a tie, tell him you donated to help others.  Instead of one more perfume, tell her you helped someone bake Christmas cookies. 

And, please:  No more holiday sweaters!  Buy and give great books for kids!

*The Hilltown Churches Food Pantry is located in the downstairs of the Congregational Church on Main Street in Ashfield. The only requirement for joining the food pantry is proof of residency in one of the towns that we serve and a simple statement of need. There are no income requirements so please come and sign up. The Food Pantry serves the eleven Hilltowns of Ashfield,  Buckland,  Charlemont,  Colrain,  Conway,  Hawley,  Heath,  Monroe,  Plainfield, Rowe and Shelburne. Food distributions are every other Tuesday from 3 to 6 PM. They typically serve about 600 people at each distribution. For more information go to:

For the Library, go to:

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