About Debra Hoyle

May 10, 2021, Conway, Massachusetts

Debra Hoyle

 About my work as a visual artist:

  Currently I am creating paintings that include acrylic, collage elements, and asemic writing at my Conway studio. My hope is that while the images are abstract, they present something familiar as well, and that by being an expression of my own inner landscape they appeal to that of the viewer. I live close to the natural world and its rhythms here on the South River, and appreciate the balance between dynamic movement and more restful places. I enjoy representing this in my art as well. A work comes together best when I have listened and paid attention to discover what it needs from me next.

  This is similar to the listening I have done in my professional life as a therapeutic bodyworker in private practice for the past twenty-eight years in Conway at Conway Healing Arts. There my focus has been on the interaction of energy, consciousness, and the physical. The concept of interface (being present without interfering) is primary in understanding all sorts of relationships. Facets of these intuitive and tactile experiences cross pollinate with my art. There are many layers to discover within ourselves and many layers within a work of art.

  I have a long-standing love of words and a background in calligraphy and creative writing. Incorporating asemic writing into my pieces is a chance to add possibilities of pattern, texture, and mystery without the need to attach meaning, although abstracted words can lend their sense to a piece. Some of my visual pieces spring out of poems written previously and I have an interest in displaying them together.

  During the past year of the pandemic with all its repercussions I found the opportunity to spend more time in the studio. My bodywork practice was closed and the chance for art to happen began. Living in these Hilltowns teaches a person to be resourceful in making a life. Before this my bodywork practice had been quite busy and forays into creativity were sporadic. It’s been exciting to delve deeper into concepts and techniques. Abstraction with collage and exploring the line or interface between representation and abstraction have been some.

  My background as an artist really began when I was a child, endlessly drawing and coloring. I have a BA in Art History from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a focus on Islamic Art. I studied calligraphy with James Sadler, watercolor with Robert S. Potter, figure studies with Lynn Peter Freund, and pastels with Gregory Maichack, continuing with art projects on my own when possible, producing still lifes, landscapes, and seascapes. Now I am influenced primarily by the abstract painter and collage artist Jane Davies of Vermont.     

  Some decades ago, I exhibited with the Deerfield Valley Art Association, Deerfield, Massachusetts, and at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, Vermont, the Southern Vermont Art Center in Manchester, at the Blake Gallery in Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and had solo shows at Franklin Medical Center, Greenfield, Massachusetts, and Channing Bete Corporation in Deerfield, Massachusetts.

  I am fortunate in that the various parts of my life overlap so well: visual art, writing memoir and poetry, meditation, bodywork, and gardening are some which continue to inform each other. It is my hope that the joy, adventure, and satisfaction I feel in my artwork is conveyed to those who see it.

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